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Dead Star


Cecilia Grimaldi, “Dead Star”, Digital color photography

Are you trying to save yourself or rather to save me from you? Do you want me to forget that you exist, is that what you want?

Then fine, you win. From this moment on you are dead to me: you are my dead star.

I found you, I named you after my hopeless heart, and now I will just look at you from a distance. You can kick me out of your orbit and leave; I am fine with that. But I have one last favor to ask: if you do so, go far away, as far as that unfitting, beautiful mind of yours can imagine.

Run fast for as long as your tremble legs can support you and your breath will last.

Make your body reach its limit, and then push it beyond it.

Let your graceful heart explode, and then implode, inside your chest.

Go to the very end of the universe so that the light of your eyes will still reach mine for hundreds, thousands, millions of years after your death.

If you go far enough, I won’t have to miss you cause I will be able to look at your bright smile till I stop shining.

This story was originally published in Lit Up on Medium


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