About Back To Bios


Back To Bios is a blog about discovering the awesomeness of science in everyday life.

I am Cecilia Grimaldi, a native Italian currently pursuing a Ph.D. in biology somewhere in rainy Germany. As a scientist, I like to explore the world around me with a rational approach. As a human being,  I love to get lost in the emotional universe of a good novel and express my feelings by writing. To channel these two passions, I decided to create Back To Bios, a blog where I combine creative writing and the scientific method to dive into some curious topics and display the science hidden in daily life.

Because science is all around us and being a scientist is not just a profession: it is a way of living. It means you want to explore the unknown, to stay curious and open-minded, to seek and create knowledge. It means you ask questions and look for the answers. In other words, it simply means you are just another Homo sapiens.

So join my attempt to understand life through science and science by living!

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Note 1: All contents, drawings, and pictures in the blog posts are my own.

Note 2: I am not responsible for the content of external links present on the blog.